Teaching Philosophy

My goal whenever I enter a classroom is to find ways to engage students in the process of learning physics. Having students actively participate in their own instruction helps me as a teacher to present the material in ways they are better able to learn it, as well as helping the students to retain information and begin applying it to situations. Ultimately, the goal is for my students to develop intellectual independence where they will engage with the material without instruction and become a leader in their own education.

A detailed discussion of my teaching philosophy can be found in my Teaching Statement.

Current Teaching

I am currently participating in the Preparing the Professoriate program through NC State. As a part of this program I am observing Dr. Carla Fröhlich in her PY202 class, lecturing on occasion, and I am also implementing a program to develop the students computational and advanced problem solving skills.

Past Teaching Assignments

Semester Course Number Course Name Instructor
F2017 PY 208 Physics for Engineers and Scientists II C. Fröhlich
Observed as part of PTP Program. Guest lectured for Dr. Fröhlich and Mr. Erb’s section.
F2015 PY 209 Physics for Engineers and Scientists II Laboratory C. Stapleford
Instructor for 4 different lab sections