S2019 Student Evaluations

Question Responses Score (/5) Department Average
Receptiveness to students 81 4.41 ± 0.65 4.2 ± 1.0
Explanation of Material 85 4.07 ± 0.90

3.6 ± 1.4
Preparedness 84 4.67 ± 0.59

4.3 ± 1.0
Treatment of Students 85 4.68 ± 0.49

4.3 ± 1.1
Overall Effectiveness 85 4.33 ± 0.78

3.8 ± 1.4

Select Student Testimonials

“Charles cares a lot about physics and is genuinely interested in the material and wants us to understand it well, too. He explains material well with lots of examples and reviews over a few days and does his best to help us succeed.”

“I think that Mr. Stapleford is the ideal teacher for a physics class. For many people, physics is one of their hardest classes all semester in concent and work. I think that Mr. Stapleford does an excellent job in teaching the material in a way that is easy to understand and is clear and different from how the textbook does it. More importantly, he gives great ways of going over the material to reinforce the concepts that were covered before and especially in the class period efore the test.”

“Mr Stapleford was an excellent teacher for this course. I was hesitant about having a grad student teach this course because of the difficult material but he really explained it well and spent extra time on topics the class needed the most help with. Also, the experiments he did in class were interesting and really aided in my understanding of the concepts.”