What I Study

My research interests lie in Theoretical Nuclear Astrophysics. More specifically, I have studied the effects of non-standard interactions on neutrino flavor oscillation, as well as the the effects of neutrinos in core-collapse supernovae. For more technical information on my research goals you can read my Research Statement.

Who I Work With

I am currently jointly advised by Dr. Carla Fröhlich and Dr. James Kneller in the Department of Physics at North Carolina State University. I also work with Dr. Gail McLaughlin and her graduate student Samuel Flynn.

Tools I Use

As a theorist my tools are primarily computational. I use the AGILE-BOLTZTRAN code for core-collapse hydrodynamics and neutrino transport as well as the SQA code developed at NC State by Dr. Kneller to handle neutrino flavor evolution.

I also have extensive experience working with Mathematica. I have written my own neutrino evolution code in Mathematica as well as used the program extensively for data analysis while working with other simulation codes.