What I Study

My research interests are in theoretical nuclear astrophysics. More specifically, I have studied the effects of non-standard interactions on neutrino flavor oscillation, as well as the the effects of neutrino oscillations in core-collapse supernovae. You can find more technical information on my research goals in my Research Statement.

Who I Work With

I currently work with Bronson Messer and the Leadership Computing Facility at Oak Ridge National Lab. My thesis advisors at North Carolina State University were Dr. Carla Fröhlich and Dr. James Kneller.

Tools I Use

I use the AGILE-BOLTZTRAN (Fortran) code for core-collapse hydrodynamics and neutrino transport as well as the SQA (C++) code developed at NC State by Dr. Kneller to handle neutrino flavor evolution.

I also have extensive experience working with Mathematica. I have used the software for data analysis, as well as used this software to develop a tutorial curriculum to introduce freshman physics majors to computational tools.