Neutrino Oscillation & Transport

I have recently been working on self-consistently coupling the effects of neutrino oscillations into the neutrino transport and hydrodynamic evolution of a 1D Core-Collapse Supernova. To do this I have combined the SQA neutrino oscillation code developed by Dr. Kneller with the 1D Supernova code Agile-BOLTZTRAN. The combined ABS code now self-consistently applies the dynamic oscillation calculations to the neutrino transport giving us the ability to examine the effects of neutrino oscillation on the neutrino heating and shock evolution for the first time.

The hybrid (quantum-classical) transport scheme is achieved by creating an oscillation source term for the neutrino tansport. This simulates the effect of oscillation by driving additional absorption and emission of neutrinos. Neutrino number is conserved by coupling the absorption of one neutrino flavor from this oscillation opacity directly to the emission of the other neutrino flavor (2-flavors in BOLTZTRAN). These effective rate of absorption is determined based on the transition probabilities from the oscillation calculations.

Our first result using the ABS code was recently published as a Rapid Communication in Physical Review D. A paper looking at the effects of significant flavor transformation near the neutrinosphere is also in preparation.