Link to the Draft

Rules of the Milty Draft

The draft will take place over 3 rounds. In each round, players will pick either a) a faction, b) map slice, or c) speaker position, so they have one of each by the end of the third round. The draft order is determined randomly for the first round (shown by the ordering in the table below). Picks are done in reverse order for the second round, and then back to normal for the third round. Once all players have made their choices, the map can be assembled from their choice of slice and speaker position.

Players can choose any unchosen Faction.

The available slices are shown in the table above. Each slice is shown with it’s score, a rough calculation of the relative strength of the slice, and Ideal Values, (Resources/Influence + Either), assuming each planet is spent for it’s maximum value.

Rather than randomly assigning speaker, players can choose speaker order, with 1 being speaker, 2 is next in order, and so on until 6th who will be the last to choose immediately to the right of the speaker.